First Steps to Take After an Auto Accident

Auto Accident

In the chaos following an auto accident, it can be difficult to know what to do next, especially if you or a loved one have been hurt in the accident. Our skilled Santa Clarita injury attorneys can guide you through the process. Here are some important steps you should take if you find yourself in that unfortunate situation.


Make Sure You Are Safe

It is normal to feel a bit shaky after an automobile accident, but it is important to make sure you and others are safe. Take a deep breath, turn on your hazard lights and proceed as instructed by the 911 operator..


Check for Injuries

Check to see if anyone was hurt in the accident. This includes yourself and others in the vehicle. Do you need medical attention? If so, you should call 911 immediately for assistance. Many times, you may not know that you have been injured until much later, so it is a good idea to get checked out by a doctor just in case. If you are not seriously injured, check to see if anyone else needs medical attention.


Call the Police

Once you are on the phone with a 911 operator, let them know where the accident happened and wait for them to arrive on the scene. If the property damage or injuries are serious enough, the police will put together an accident report which will help with the legal aspects of determining your case.


Exchange Information

You will need the names and contact information of the other people involved in the accident. It is also important to exchange insurance information with the other drivers. It may also be a good idea to get contact information of any witnesses who saw the accident.


Take Pictures or Videos

The more evidence you have, the better. Take pictures or videos of the accident, the cars involved, any injuries, the road conditions and any other damages caused by the accident. Your auto accident lawyer in Santa Clarita Valley or Los Angeles, will be able to use these pictures to build your case.


Contacting Your Insurance Company

After an auto accident you need to contact a good attorney who can help you deal with your insurance company and report the accident. Whether you hire an attorney or not, it is best to report the accident to your insurance company, but it is always a good idea not to give any written or verbal statements before you speak with an attorney.. The attorneys at Kennedy Law Group, P.C., will work hard to get you compensated for your injuries.


Call an Attorney

Many times, an insurance company will give you a low offer and hope you will settle quickly. A skilled auto accident lawyer in Santa Clarita Valley, will be able to calculate the worth of your case and how much compensation you are entitled to. For this reason, it is important to call experienced Century City personal injury lawyers, like the ones at Kennedy Law Group, P.C. We have offices in in Santa Clarita Valley and Los Angeles. If you or a loved one have been injured in an auto accident, call us today to schedule your free consultation. (888) 392-8880